Micro Wallet Tracker - "Find My" Card Air-tag

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Never lose your wallet Again!

Find your wallet in seconds, save time, save stress, and save money!

⚠️ SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Let's calm that "Where's my wallet?" panic.

If you accidentally leave your wallet behind you can get instant alerts on your phone when your tracked item ventures too far away.

🔎 FIND YOUR ITEMS: Can't locate your essentials? No worries.

Use the Find My app to activate the Card Tracker's alarm and follow the jingles back to your items. It's like having a holiday elf to help you search!

The Card Tracker reaches across town or across the world, as long as there are Apple users nearby, your items are in safe hands.

📲 EASE OF USE: Easy Setup & Easy Tracking

Just like Apple's Airtag, except 75% thinner! connect it through the "Find My" app with a quick click – it's that simple! (Does not work with Android currently)

🧭 RELIABLE TRACKING: The Card Tracker is your reliable sidekick.

Track your backpack, wallet, TV remote (no more movie night scavenger hunts!), or keep tabs on any valuables. 

🔋 GREAT BATTERY LIFE: Your Card Tracker won't run out of steam.

It powers on for up to 2 years. No need to stress about running out of juice!

Got Questions? Check out our Wallet Tracker FAQ's✨

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