Antimicrobial Tyvek® the protective barrier of frontline fighters of COVID-19

Antimicrobial Tyvek® the protective barrier of frontline fighters of COVID-19

“Tyvek® today is clearly on the front lines of combating the coronavirus outbreak,” said John Richard, vice president and general manager for DuPont™ Safety, the business division that includes Tyvek®. - JOHN REID BLACKWELL Richmond Times-Dispatch

The antimicrobial Tyvek® material is on the front lines of the global fight of Covid-19 but has been the incredible material behind the strength and durability of the Mighty Wallet for 15 years! 

Anti-microbial Tyvek blocking microbes like coronavirus (Covid-19)

Tyvek® has unique properties that make it such an ideal barrier for coronavirus protection and against other microbes. The incredibly thin fibers that make Tyvek® so strong also create a web of impenetrable randomly spun mesh that blocks micro organisms from penetrating. 

Most people are familiar with Tyvek® from housing wrap or from express mail envelopes but now with the Coronavirus outbreak Tyvek® protective garments have become the ubiquitous image of the fight against COVID-19. 

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The material was originally discovered by a DuPont™ Engineer named Jim White in the 50's who found a white foam coming out of a tube in a research lab and thought it was interesting enough to experiment with producing en masse.

Years later the unique material was developed but initially DuPont™ didn't know what applications it could be used for and they experimented with different products like "removable wallpaper" and "disposable swimming shorts". 

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The history of experimentation of inventions with Tyvek® really did expand with the invention of the Mighty Wallet. In 2005 when the first origami Tyvek® wallet was invented it took a few years for customers to get behind the product but it grew like crazy in 2010,11 & 12 making Tyvek Wallets something that became a niche product that was nationally known. 

After the Mighty Wallet invention there was an explosion of new Tyvek® inventions around the world. From lighting to fashion the development of Tyvek® continues to grow with new inventions all the time.

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To help relieve the fears of the spread of Coronavirus Dynomighty has instituted a new "COVID-19 Protective Policy" to ensure that all packages shipped from Dynomighty are using the best protections possible. The CDC and WHO has stated that you can’t catch COVID-19 from shipping.

Cleanliness protocols ensure the safety of your order.

Each employee who packs orders must wash their hands for 20 seconds or longer before beginning work on packing and in addition vinyl gloves are worn as added protection.

Our work areas are cleaned prior to shipping and covering our nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing is not only our policy but just good common courtesy. 

As we all learn to adapt to new ways of living and working Dynomighty will continue to provide the best service with added security and peace of mind. 


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