What is a Tyvek Wallet?

What is a Tyvek Wallet?
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A Tyvek® wallet is a type of wallet that is made from Tyvek® which is a material commonly known from Express mail envelopes and housing wrap. It feels like paper but is remarkably strong but paper thin.

Tyvek® wallets are thin, lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant, making them a popular choice for people who need a wallet that are super thin but can stand up to everyday wear and tear. They are also typically less expensive than traditional leather wallets.

Tyvek® wallets come in a variety of graphic designs and styles, while offering sustainable alternatives to leather wallets by being recyclable, vegan and having a low carbon footprint.

Tyvek® wallets are also water resistant and can survive a cycle in the washing machine without suffering damage. 

Overall, Tyvek wallets are a great choice for anyone who wants a durable and lightweight wallet that is also affordable and stylish.

The Tyvek Wallet was invented in 2005 by Terrence Kelleman an Artist and Entrepreneur who has been recognized by DuPont™ the manufacturer of Tyvek® as the original Tyvek Wallet. In 2022 DuPont interviewed Terrence Kelleman for his invention of the Tyvek Wallet concept and for his contribution to the expansion of Tyvek as a suitable material for accessories and fashion. 

The novelty of Terrence Kelleman's wallet design was not only in the use of Tyvek as an alternative for creating thin, lightweight and sustainable wallets but it was the nature of the origami design made from a single folded sheet of Tyvek® which does not rely on stitching for production. 

In 2006 Kelleman's playful magnetic jewelry designs went viral on YouTube catapulting the Artist to international attention. Kelleman then took the opportunity of his new found audience to market his Tyvek Wallet through a series of "Tyvek Challenge" videos to demonstrate the strength of Tyvek and the inventiveness of his design. 

The novelty of the printed graphics were reminiscent of paper-like materials such as; Airmail Envelopes, Dot Matrix Computer paper, News Paper Clippings and other designs made the Mighty Wallet stand out in the marketplace and drew the attention of the Museum of Modern Art, Design Store who carried his Tyvek Wallet designs for 9 years in their stores and catalog. 

Within a few years of his YouTube sensation his line of magnetic play jewelry was copied by many magnetic companies and made into toys which became wildly popular but which were also wildly dangerous. After being drowned out of his original invention Kelleman decided to fully pursue the Mighty Wallet as his main product. 

Many customers were still skeptical and doubted the durability of the material and questioned the idea of an origami recyclable wallet. But eventually the line grew and grew customer by customer telling others of the fun they had with their Mighty Wallets. 

The success of the Mighty Wallet grew like wild fire and the sales doubled and doubled year after year eventually putting the fledgling company on the Inc's Fastest Growing Companies list 3 years in a row. 

The success of the first Tyvek® Wallet also brought with it many copies and copycats but the Mighty Wallet design has stood the test of time and built an avid base of consumers who come back time and again to support original innovative design and creative thinking. 

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