"Best Slim Wallets" Review by NY Times Wirecutter

"Best Slim Wallets" Review by NY Times Wirecutter

"Best Slim Wallets" for 2020

Wallet Review by NY Times Wirecutter

15 years of being the best slim wallet has been a secret that many Mighty Wallet fans preach to any cashier or friend who's willing to listen but now to be recognized by the New York Time's Wirecutter as one of the "Best Slim Wallets" of 2020 is a fitting honor and a great way to celebrate of 15 years of satisfied customer reviews

mighty wallet review wirecutter ny times

The best wallets rely on the thinnest materials to give them the best slim features with a functional design. This is what distinguishes the Mighty Wallet with it's unique origami design using Tyvek®. Tyvek® is the same material express mail envelopes are made from. 

tyvek tear resistant

Tyvek® is an incredibly thin microfiber made with super fine plastic fibers that are 50x thinner than a human hair. This incredibly thin material is also super resilient and creates an original wallet design. Mighty Wallet is the first Tyvek® wallet design that began in 2005 and has created over 2000 5 Star wallet reviews on Amazon

mighty wallet customer review 7 years old

Of the many brands that have followed Mighty Wallet's pioneering invention several have tried to mimic the Mighty Wallet's innovative design but unfortunately by creating design flaws in the process.

Slimfold is a company mentioned as well in the article but upon closer examination of several online reviews you see a common Slimfold wallet problem, the wallet rips in the same location after one year of use. This is not what you would expect from a wallet that costs 3 times as much as a Mighty Wallet. 

Other Tyvek wallet brands like Paperwallet have tried to copy our innovative design but failed to get it right and the New York Times voiced their disappointment:

"the actual functionality of the card slots kept it from receiving top marks. We found that we basically had to angle our cards in exactly the right directions to fit them into the pockets, whereas the other Tyvek wallets we tried were much more forgiving. The design was mildly annoying to deal with constantly." 

 - Wirecutter (NY Times)

We've even hear from customers of Paperwallet who found their Tyvek Wallet on Kickstarter but then realized that the design was inferior and told us about their experience when upgrading to a Mighty Wallet; 

"Tried a paperwallet, will never go back, pockets sucked and were too worn to keep cards after 1 week. Haven't found anything that beats a mighty wallet." - Verified Customer

One major feature that most slim wallet fans request is the RFID protection and I was really glad that the NY Times took this issue head on. Not mincing words about the fact that RFID PROTECTION IS NOT RECOMMEND! They go into explicit detail as to how companies such as Paperwallet and Slimfold are up-selling a useless feature when promoting RFID protection; 

"... in theory pickpockets can use to steal the data on your credit cards and carry out identity theft [...] there has never been a documented case of its happening in a real-world circumstance. [So] we did not consider the technology worth the additional cost"

- Wirecutter (NY Times)

Consumers are learning that RFID is a RIPOFF and great resources like Consumer Reports are exposing the real scam of RFID protection; ripping off consumers with a useless expensive feature. 

Mighty Wallet has a great FREE RFID solution if you want to add your own RFID Wallet protection with a simple tutorial here


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