$2 Bill mini Mighty Wallet

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The Lucky $2 now available as a mini Mighty!

Fun fact: A $2 bill was carried on all the early space flight milestones by the astronaut pioneers of space and the moon?

This paper thin wallet is beautifully printed with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The slim wallet profile also makes this a great front pocket wallet that only gets as thick as what you put inside. 

You don't have to be a numismatist (collector of coins & currencies) to appreciate the cool look of a dollar bill wallet. It's fun to pull this thin mens wallet out at any cash register and instantly strike up a conversation.

 Mighty Wallet® is the original, invented in 2005, that launched a global trend of wallet designs made with Tyvek®. Be Original, Be Creative, BE MIGHTY!

Tyvek® is made with thousands of interlocking plastic fibers that creates a thin material that is tear-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable.

Made from a single sheet of Tyvek®, the mighty wallet is a slim, folded, eco-friendly, and vegan wallet alternative to old-fashioned bulky wallets. The mighty wallet® has no animal byproducts is a long-lasting sustainable choice that is great looking too.

(We no longer offer the option to add a real $2 bill to your order)

*Tyvek® is the same material as express mail envelopes making each Mighty Wallet tear-resistant, water-resistant and recyclable wallet. 


<<VIDEO showing the pockets of the Starry Wave mini Mighty Wallet>>


8 different expanding compartments
+ Size (closed) : 2.75" w x 3.5" h (slightly taller than a folded dollar bill)
+ Designed to hold 8-12 cards and currency (folded in half stored vertically)
+Weight : 0.265 oz (less than 2 credit cards)
+Thickness : 1/8th inch (freaking thin - thinner than 3 credit cards)
People have asked us; Do you need an RFID wallet? Do you know about RFID Blocking Cards?

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