Rich Black mini Mighty Wallet

SKU: DY-858
Availability: In stock

Buying direct ensures you get an authentic Mighty Wallet - we cannot service customers who buy from unauthorized sources.

Lighter than 2 credit cards and constructed from a single sheet of Tyvek® eliminating stitching and allowing the wallet to adapt to hold more as you fill it.

An ultra slim minimalist front pocket wallet that still has lots of functionality with a total of 8 pockets to hold credit cards, ID and cash.

Each mini Mighty Wallet™ is long lasting, water & stain resistant.

Size (closed) : 2.75" w x 3.5" h 
(slightly taller than a folded dollar bill)

Weight : 0.265 oz 
(less than 2 credit cards)

Thickness : 1/8th inch
(freaking thin)

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Lucy M.
United States United States

perfect, hope it holds up

i hate carrying stuff and wanted the most eensy weensy wallet possible. found the mighty wallet in my search and thank god i did. i've had it a couple months and it is beloved 2 me... it's the absolute bare minimum to securely, discretely, and teensily hold 4 cards and a few bills. it's soft and black and i like showing it off to people cuz it's so perfect and efficient. only drawbacks: the color started fading and getting scuffs right away (it's still in great shape but cosmetic damage yk). and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who actually carries cash, i only keep a couple bills and i'm not sure it could hold more than a few and still fold in half. anyway yay thank u for the wallet it's all recycled and stuff too it's just so good! :0

Switzerland Switzerland

it DID arrive and it's great!

I saw a bunch of "I took the cheap shipping and it never arrived" comments and 1 star for it - which I think is highly unfair since a) you get warned and b) you get what you pay for. That been said, I am in Switzerland and I received it within 11 days of ordering the wallet - not bad! :) This is my second wallet (had a half dollar one years ago) and I just love the size of it - small, handy, fits in the front pocket without a problem, I have 6 cards in it and it's all good! minimalistic to the max and for this price, this is just great. I like to shop here cause you support the creator and I think that's important if we wanna see more such great products. Take care and STAY MIGHTY! ;) Cris

Alana R.
United States United States

I love it. You guys never let me down

David E.
Australia Australia

Great size

It's a great size for cards and folding money. I was a bit concerned that it has to be the right way up in the pocket to avoid cards falling out. I prefer that closing it traps the cards like the paper wallet. The mini mighty is a better size though.

Maximiliano R.
Mexico Mexico

The wallet was never delivered

I never received the wallet

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