BE MIGHTY Collection

The BE MIGHTY project, initiated in May 2015, was born from the idea of sharing anonymous, inspirational street art flyers across NYC. It aimed to inspire and empower individuals, nudging them toward pursuing their dreams and overcoming life's challenges. For artist and entrepreneur Terrence Kelleman, this project became a practice of positive thinking that not only transformed his own life but also touched the lives of thousands of passersby.

Taking small, consistent actions every day can lead to profound change over time. Whether it's tearing a tab off a flyer, sharing a meaningful quote on social media, or actively participating in personal or collective transformation, action is the catalyst for change. By anonymously spreading inspiration and wisdom, the BE MIGHTY project contributes to a more enlightened society, offering encouragement to dreamers, risk-takers, and those in need of support, ultimately fostering a culture of positivity and empowerment.

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