RFID Myth Buster - Myth 1 - RFID Cards are less safe

RFID Myth Buster - Myth 1 - RFID Cards are less safe

In the past, credit cards relied solely on magnetic stripes to store account information. However, this method of storing data was vulnerable to theft and fraud through a process called "skimming."

Skimming involves criminals using small devices to read the magnetic stripe of a credit card and steal its information, then duplicate the card to make fraudulent purchases.

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To combat this problem, credit card companies began adding RFID chips to their cards. These chips are designed to emit a unique, encrypted code that is read by the payment terminal during each transaction.

Unlike magnetic stripes, RFID chips cannot be hacked in the same way as Magstripe cards as the information is encrypted and changes with every transaction. This makes it virtually impossible for a thief to clone a card or steal an RFID cards information. 

"Wait a minute" you might say; "I've seen videos of how do they skim the card number and expiration date electronically without touching a persons actual wallet?"

One fact that those videos (and often sellers of RFID Blocking products) conveniently leave out is about the RFID cards "secret UID". 

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Unique Identification Numbers (UIDs) are like unique serial numbers that are an advanced security feature over old magstripe cards. UID use a mutual authentication between the card and the terminal, which ensures that the payment terminal and the card are legitimate.

Companies propagating RFID Scare Tactics never talk about the UID feature of RFID cards and leaving it to your imagination that its SO EASY to hack your credit card

You might ask "But what if they were able to guess my UID number?"

Don't worry it would take a computer (using a brute force attack) ~15,000 years for it to guess that one UID number. So yes it's "possible" but highly improbable that anyone would waste their time on it. Lastly the UID number changes for each transaction making it practically useless to "electronic skimming". 


The Big Takeaway:

Overall, adding RFID chips to credit cards has greatly reduced the incidence of  fraud, making credit card transactions more secure than ever before. While there is always a risk of theft or fraud, the use of RFID technology has significantly reduced these risks and improved the safety of credit card transactions.


Time Discovers Truth - Seneca

Despite the truth about this added safety there have been widespread fears around RFID being susceptible to "electronic skimming" but sellers of "RFID Protection" conveniently forget to mention that the UID number is super secure.

For 12+ years I've tried to dispell these myths with truth and facts but consumers fears still persist and many still seek RFID protection. That is why I'm so happy to offer customers the Mighty Card as the Ultimate RFID Solution.

It's advanced "active jamming protection" is unlike a passive foil lining in an expensive RFID wallets and sleeves yet is easy to use and you can transfer it to any wallet or purse you want - Never buy an RFID wallet again! 

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