Mighty Wallet vs Herschel's "Charlie" wallet

Mighty Wallet vs Herschel's "Charlie" wallet

This weeks blog post makes a comparison of the popular Herschel "Charlie" Wallet that has been cited by Gerald Ortiz and Michella Oré as a great low cost front pocket wallet

First and foremost, Mighty Wallet is incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 1 ounce. This means that you can carry it around with ease without adding any extra weight to your pocket or bag. In comparison, Herschel's "Charlie" wallet is lightweight, but it cannot match the weightlessness of Mighty Wallet.

Mighty Wallet is also paper-thin at ⅛ of an inch, making it an ultra-thin wallet that can slip into any pocket with ease. This makes it ideal for individuals who prefer a minimalist and slim design. In contrast, Herschel's "Charlie" wallet has a slightly larger profile and cannot match the thinness of Mighty Wallet.

In addition, Mighty Wallet is eco-friendly and sustainable, as it is made from a single sheet of Tyvek, a material that is 100% recyclable and has a low environmental impact. This means that when you choose a Mighty Wallet, you are making a conscious decision to support the environment, unlike Herschel's "Charlie" wallet, which is made of polyester.

Mighty Wallet is also very affordable, priced under $20, making it an excellent value for its durability and longevity. It can last for many years, making it a more cost-effective choice than Herschel's "Charlie" wallet, which may need to be replaced after a few years of use.

Furthermore, Mighty Wallet expands to hold anything you want to carry, making it versatile and functional. You can carry up to 16 cards, cash, and other items you need to carry, while Herschel's "Charlie" wallet has a limited number of card slots and a center slot for bills.

Looking at just the pockets and storage areas the Mighty Wallet wins hands down with 8 different card pockets where the Herschel wallet only has 5 but weights in at 5 times the weight of the Mighty Wallet. 

Lastly, Mighty Wallet is a lot more fun than a boring regular wallet. It comes in a variety of unique and creative designs that are sure to make a statement and add some personality to your everyday carry. In contrast, Herschel's "Charlie" wallet comes in a handful of colors, but it lacks the fun and creative designs that Mighty Wallet offers.

So at the end of the day while Herschel's "Charlie" wallet may be a good option for wallet minimalists, Mighty Wallet is the superior choice for individuals who want a wallet that is functional, stylish, eco-friendly, affordable, and versatile.

Mighty Wallet offers exceptional features and benefits that cannot be matched by Herschel's "Charlie" wallet, making it the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a unique and reliable wallet.

Maybe with time Mighty Wallet will get the recognition it deserves as one of the most stylish and eco-friendly wallets under $20. 

A final side note about RFID protection we should point out that Mighty Wallet makes the Mighty Card that is a transferable RFID Blocking card with Active Blocking technology which is much more effective than passive RFID shielding and can be used in any wallet you want.  


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