Collectible Currency as Custom Printed Mighty Wallets

Collectible Currency as Custom Printed Mighty Wallets

Collectors of rare currency (Numismatics) have created some awesome custom printed Mighty Wallets as a great way to show off their most esteemed collectibles. Vintage currency has such a beautiful look and nostalgia for classic bank notes that just print so well as a custom wallet

numismatica currency bank notes of the world monedas pesetas

We have also produced custom printed Mighty Wallet designs for Numismatics who in turn sell them at conventions and trade shows. Specifically we've produced this classic bank note of the Buffalo $10 Bill that was from 1901 depicting a Bison between the portraits of Meriwether Lewis on the left, William Clark.

bison $10 bill vintage us currency collectible numismatic

We have also uploaded the artwork to the vintage us currency of the $5 bank notes shown above.

numismatic coincollector $5 bill cleveland

Any of your favorite vintage currency is easily found by searching google images and checking tools for "Large Size" images.

google image search for vintage currency paper money bank notes

Given the popularity of so many vintage currencies of the world it's impossible to make all these classic bank notes directly available to print but you can simply upload your own photos to design your very own custom Tyvek® Wallet

hudre kroner bank note of the world mumismatic curreny

Numismatic collectors know of the rare Haitian Tyvek® money that was discontinued soon after being tested but other countries like Australia continued to search for a way to replace paper for plastic and produced the first polymer banknote made from "biaxially-oriented polypropylene" (plastic), and in 1996, it became the first country to have a full set of circulating polymer banknotes of all denominations completely replacing its paper banknotes.

tyvek money Haitian currency

No matter what you call bucks, dough, bread, moolah, cheddar, paper, stash, Benjamins, Benjis, loot, smackers, and samoleons, tamales, scratch and cabbage. We make your custom printed wallet dreams come true. 

If you're looking for a cool $2 Bill bank note wallet design check out the mini Mighty $2 Bill that also has an option at checkout to add a real crisp $2 Bill to your order.

tyvek money wallet


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