Tyvek Wallet Guide: 3 Simple Questions

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Find The Best Tyvek Wallet for your Style

Welcome to our Tyvek® Wallet Guide!

Whether you’re seeking slimness, capacity, or traditional style, we have a wallet for you. Let’s find out which Mighty Wallet best suits your daily needs.

Determine Your Wallet Priorities

Begin by identifying what’s most important to you in a wallet. Answer the following questions to hone in on your ideal wallet style:

Question 1: Traditional Wallet Design vs Original Origami Design

Question 2: Primary Use Case - Cards, Cash or Both

Question 3: Capacity for Cards and Cash

Picking the right Tyvek Wallet for you:

Tyvek is not your normal wallet material so finding a design that fits your comfort level is key to overall learning about why so many customers that try a Tyvek Wallet never go back. 

Mighty Wallet:

mini Mighty Wallet:

Stitched Tyvek Billfold:

Lastly choosing graphics:

Mighty Wallet as a brand is renowned for our bold and fun graphics. The patterns and images are not for the faint of heart and we encourage you to go ahead and BE MIGHTY, live life to the fullest. 

If bold is not your taste there are classic "leather" looking designs in all formats that are a good fall back to basics look sure to please anyone. 

Final Thoughts:

The format structure not only guides the customer in making an informed decision but also educates them on the unique features and benefits of each wallet type. If this outline fits your vision, we can start fleshing out each section with more detailed content!

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