Artists Guide to promoting Mighty Wallets

Origin Story - From Artist to Entrepreneur

Mighty Wallet started with $300 and a wild idea to make a link-less magnetic bracelet when I was still a struggling (starving) artist in NYC.

Watch Original Video that went viral tripling my salary and starting my entrepreneurial journey

When I invented the first Tyvek Wallet in 2005 I had to find a way to market a wallet that no one had ever seen before that was; 

  1. Made of Tyvek® (like express mail envelopes and housing wrap)
  2. Designed with a single origami sheet, not stitched, just folded. 
  3. Can be recycled at special facilities


Boilerplate Brand stuff and Background

Mighty Wallet Catchphrase

Putting all these concepts together in a way that was easy to communicate was a challenge but over time what I came up with was;

Mighty Thin
Mighty Strong

Mighty Green™

Mighty Wallet is not just about features and benefits, it’s about a connection to something more personal. After all a wallet is one of 3 things you carry with you everyday;

  1. Phone 
  2. Keys
  3. Wallet

Mighty Wallet is an Experience! 

The Mighty Wallet experience is what turns skeptics into lifelong fans and brand advocates. 

  1. It’s the fun of picking a cool design that’s right for you
  2. It’s the fun of watching your Mighty Wallet expand and adapt as you fill it/use it
  3. It’s the connection you build with your wallet over time as cashiers, clerks and waiters all comment “What a cool wallet!”
  4. It’s the marvel you have after years of use realizing your little Mighty Wallet has stood the test of time.


Brand stuff and Background

A Brand Success Story

After 7 years of hard work marketing this product at Trade Shows and on YouTube, Mighty Wallet became hugely successful in the early 2010’s and put my company Dynomighty on the Inc’s Fastest Growing companies list for 3 years.

Not bad for an Artist who had no idea what I was doing! LOL 

Today the Mighty Wallet is being discovered by a whole new generation of minimalist wallet enthusiasts, sustainability and vegan consumers - all learning about the cool properties of the Mighty Wallet for the first time. 

Here are some video snippets from actual customers;

Mighty Wallet Review Compilation Video!


Marketing Tool Kit

What to Promote about Mighty Wallets

When promoting Mighty Wallet it would be awesome if you can keep these ideas in mind and in your messaging. Rehash them into your content when possible.

Hashtags that work well with Mighty Wallet promotion;

#BEMIGHTY #mightywallet #tyvekwallet #tyvek #tyvekdesign #minimalistwallet #frontpocketwallet #veganwallet #walletshop #wallet #paperwallet #microwallet #everydaycarrywallet #menswallet #veganwallet #vegangifts #vegan #malefashionadvice #sustainable #walletcard #forhim #giftsforguys #lifestyledesign #designlove #vegansofig

What NOT to Promote

Many fans can misinterpret the “tear-resistance” of the Mighty Wallet as “Tear-Proof” which leads to fans attempting to tear their wallets with significant force and sometimes with success. 

If anyone wants to test the strength of Tyvek® you can use the business card inserts as a way to feel how strong Tyvek® is and also to make a convincing demonstration on video. The opener to the “Unbox Therapy Video” is a great example of this;


Mighty Wallet & Dynomighty Social Accounts

@dynomightydesign on Instagram
@mightywallet on Tiktok
@mightywallet on Twitter
@dynomighty on Facebook
@mightywallet on Facebook on YouTube

Artists may not be the best self promoters but as creatives we are the best marketers. 

One of the things I think that made Mighty Wallet successful was being creative and experimental in my approach to marketing. 

I didn’t learn marketing from school or from a text book!

I did what all Artists do, I made it up as I went along - utilizing my creativity to make fun & funky ads that stood out.

Be creative in your marketing - try something new - Be Creative, BE MIGHTY!

Artist Collective Marketing Strategies

PRE-PRODUCTION Marketing Ideas

Prior to the release we can do some or all of the following;


For the release & during the lifetime of your Mighty Wallet we can do any of the following;

Examples of Mighty Wallet Artist Marketing


Pre-release Teaser for Ron English Mighty Wallet - Half Dollar Mighty Wallet

Giveaway Teaser for Ron English Mighty Wallet cross promoting his NFT Project

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