Where the MicroGami Wallet search began

Where the MicroGami Wallet search began
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 (archived from Mighty Network)

These are some pics and videos of an early stage of the design process where I was still searching for a new wallet design that checked off a lot of the boxes that I wanted.

I wanted to share these early stages of the design process with you because most people probably don't realize that for every product I bring to fruition there are a ton that are just for the scrap heap. 

They are lost designs because they are never actually seen but they are also very important stages in learning what does and doesn't work.

Seeing these will really inform you in the evolution of the new wallet. I hope you enjoy. 

There are so many unique factors to consider when creating "Origami Tyvek® Wallets" because of the folds I have to be keenly aware of the thickness of the fold but also make sure no fold is unlikely to hold. 

This is where the paper prototypes help but they are still not the same as Tyvek®. 



When I created the Mighty Wallet I had tons of different folded paper ideas on my desk and still could not figure out if it was actually going to work because I didn't have any Tyvek and I didn't have any idea where I could get the product produced.

Traditional Leather Wallet manufacturers were out of the question so I ended up using an express mail manufacturer because I told them essentially its the same as what you already produce, printed on one side, die-cut and folded.





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