NEW Custom Print Technology - Top Quality Tyvek® Wallets

NEW Custom Print Technology - Top Quality Tyvek® Wallets
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I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for the latest developments in our custom Tyvek® printing ability at Dynomighty.

For many years I had researched every possible printing method for making the most durable, clearest and finest print quality custom Tyvek® wallets and my journey has taken me to numerous trade shows and even abroad to develop the technology that we are using today.

But as of last month this pursuit of the best custom printed wallet has just leveled up to something I didn’t think possible. These prints are some of the latest technology that we are using and it just surpassed all my expectations.


Custom wallets for graduations, bachelors gifts, valentines wallet - you name it - I’ve printed it but now I’m more excited than ever to be able to print your next Custom Tyvek Wallet when you order with me.

These are just some of the latest prints and the detail of each print is This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Dynomighty to make small run promotional wallets, company logo wallets, branded swag wallets - you name it but the quality and the capacity has put us in a place to grow to reach new customers.

Still my all time favorite thing is printing the wallets that you create, the Mighty Wallet fans. I really try to make each print the best it can possibly be and sometimes I’ll search online for better quality images of the same pics to make your wallet come out the best.

If you do have any opportunities with your businesses or know someone who’s in need of cool promotional products don’t hesitate to reach out for a quote;


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