1st Mighty Wallet Price Increase in 15 years

1st Mighty Wallet Price Increase in 15 years
Authored By Terrence Kelleman

Hey Mighty Wallet Fans, 

2020 is the 15th Anniversary of when I first invented the Mighty Wallet.
In all those years I have never increased the retail price. 


Due to rising costs of the Tyvek® material (over 15 years), new duties and customs fees and general rise in the cost of doing business, I have to raise the price of the Mighty Wallet to the industry standards for retail products. 


Over the years our costs have gone up and up. I never wanted to change the retail price but due to additional costs of duties significantly increasing this year, it’s made the $15 retail unsustainable. 


Before implementing this change I considered all of your perspectives and ran a survey over the last year that asked what you thought the ideal price of the Mighty Wallet should be. The result supported the price increase with a weighted average retail value of $17.12


By setting the new retail at $17.95, it allows me to continue to stay in business creating cool new innovative products and designs while also remaining competitive with other companies that copy my designs.


I hope you can support me with the first Mighty Wallet price increase in 15 years.

Best regards, 


Inventor & Founder

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