Make your own "Paper Wallet" tutorial

Make your own "Paper Wallet" tutorial
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In 2005 I had the idea to make the first folded Tyvek® Wallet.

My inspiration came from seeing the Duct-tape wallets that many DIY'ers were making. 
The only problem I found with Duct-tape wallets was that the material itself was bulky and didn’t fold very well.

For a long time I kept sheets of Tyvek® hanging in my studio for inspiration and then I had a eureka moment. After searching on google I was amazed that no results turned up for a Tyvek® Wallet or Paper Wallet

I designed my wallet to be made out of a single sheet of Tyvek® material without stitches since this would also allow the Tyvek® material to remain strong (by not putting tiny stitching holes in it). It was a real struggle to design and realize this product. 

My latest Tyvek wallets, I now call them "Mighty Wallets" and even have a custom printed one online here. I also make tons of videos of the Mighty Wallets on YouTube. 

Years ago I was contacted by a producer at the Martha Stewart show who wanted me to show people how to make a tyvek wallet using accessible household materials. Most people can find Tyvek envelopes so I used an envelope as the basis for my design. The final design uses the self-sealing closure of the envelope itself as the binding mechanism that holds the wallet together.


Today the idea of Tyvek wallets is very common so I thought it was important to let other DIY'ers know that mine was the first Tyvek® Wallet design in 2005. 

I appreciate those of you who give credit to my original design. Thanks for your support!

Here is video demonstration of these same instructions


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