Dreams do come true, keep fighting, keep believing - BE MIGHTY!

Dreams do come true, keep fighting, keep believing - BE MIGHTY!
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Hey Mighty Fans, 

It's been a while since I updated you with any "behind the scenes" news and now I have an important update to share!

After 25 years of living in the East Village of NYC I've made a big move to California! 

It’s been a wild ride these past few years between the Pandemic, managing Mighty Wallet alone from my living room while being a full-time single Dad - it’s all been a bit much at times TBH. 

That's why this past Summer I made the big move to try to give my kids and myself a better life and to better way manage Dynomighty into the future. 

I wanted to make a change in my life for something brighter (literally) and California has been a dream of mine for many years but this time all the stars aligned and it finally happened.

I’m about an hour away from LA in a coastal community called Laguna Niguel. It’s a 10 min bike ride to the beach from our apartment and the kids are getting time outside in the open air.

For Dynomighty that means I’m printing all your custom orders from California now and the main fulfillment for Dynomighty stays in our warehouse in New York.

I've been working to get the garage prepared for a month and it's finally all ready to go! Our customer service will also be in NYC for order replacements/returns and recycling. I’ll be updating our shipping address soon.

Thanks for being on this journey with me and for supporting me all these years - it’s truly been a blessing and a thing of beauty to have this fortunate.

Stay Tuned; I have some ideas for new products that will be pretty revolutionary if they work. Keep dreaming! 

Be well & BE MIGHTY!




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