Artists Collective Marketing Hacks

Artists may not be the best self promoters but as creatives we are the best marketers. 

One of the things I think that made Mighty Wallet successful was being creative and experimental in my approach to marketing. 

I didn’t learn marketing from school or from a text book!

I did what all Artists do, I made it up as I went along - utilizing my creativity to make fun & funky ads that stood out.

Be creative in your marketing - try something new - Be Creative, BE MIGHTY!

Artist Collective Marketing Strategies

PRE-PRODUCTION Marketing Ideas

Prior to the release we can do some or all of the following;


For the release & during the lifetime of your Mighty Wallet we can do any of the following;

Examples of Mighty Wallet Artist Marketing


Pre-release Teaser for Ron English Mighty Wallet - Half Dollar Mighty Wallet

Giveaway Teaser for Ron English Mighty Wallet cross promoting his NFT Project

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