Custom Wallet - Mighty Wallet

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Buying direct ensures you get an authentic Mighty Wallet - we cannot service customers who buy from unauthorized sources.

Add your own photos to create your own custom Mighty Wallet with our photo resizer.  Choose up to 3 pictures to decorate your wallet. See Steps 1-3

  1. Upload your outside artwork panel
  2. Upload your inside artwork panel
  3. Upload artwork for the credit card pocket or repeat the inside artwork

PRO TIP Use the same inside artwork panel if you want the design to repeat on the credit card pocket too! 

OPTIONAL - Download templates
Photoshop & Illustrator users can design your art to be pixel perfect to the exact dimensions. 



Tyvek® printing is highly specialized and does not generate exact results to match the way colors look on your monitor. Tyvek® prints can be slightly lighter and less saturated in general as an effect of the Tyvek® material. See the sample images of "What works & What doesn't". 95% of our customers are satisfied with their print quality. 


Custom orders can take 3-5 business days to print depending on our current production load in addition to the shipping time so plan on a week and a half for domestic orders. International orders can take longer due to overseas shipping taking up to 15 days.


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