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"Best Slim Wallets" Review by NY Times Wirecutter

"Best Slim Wallets" Review by NY Times Wirecutter

Authored By Terrence Kelleman

"Best Slim Wallets" for 2020 Wallet Review by NY Times Wirecutter 15 years of being the best slim wallet has been a secret that many Mighty Wallet fans preach to any cashier or friend who's willing to listen but now to be recognized by the New York Time's Wirecutter as one of the "Best Slim Wallets" of 2020 is a fitting honor and a great way to celebrate of 15 years of satisfied customer reviews.  The best wallets rely on the thinnest materials to give them the best slim features with a functional design. This is what distinguishes the Mighty Wallet with it's unique origami design using Tyvek®. Tyvek®...

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