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Mighty Wallet Reviews

Timmy Turner
Verified Customer

"Mighty Wallet is the wallet I choose over everything else, including the Ridge Wallet"

Kevin O.
Verified Customer

"I switched from Paper Wallet.

You have a very good product! I've had several Paper Wallets before ordering your wallet, Mighty Wallet is better"

NY Times

"Best Slim Wallets. 

Mighty Wallet Tyvek® wallets are just fun - a slew of patterns make it easy to choose something delightful(ly weird), and they're a joy to use."

John D.
Verified Customer

"Love it.

Durable, thin and sparks conversations. On my second one in 5 years."

Edward B.
Verified Customer

"Second time around

I really like this wallet! This is the second one I’ve purchased, not because of failure, but just because it was looking worn after 5 years. I take it travelling with me and it becomes a conversation starter when ever I pull it out."

Verified Customer

"BEST WALLETS ON EARTH. I have had this In Fight wallet in my pocket for at least 15 years. Today I'm ordering a new one"

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